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Ironwood Adventure Works is driven by a passion for both community and exploring fantastic trails throughout the Northeast.  We're powered by mountain vistas with family, perfect single track under a canopy of fall colors with friends, and the hardscrabble mud of those trails that need a little love.


We're a local business that supports local business. We work under a philosophy that our decisions should raise all boats. That means that we choose to help our runners, our partners, and make decisions that benefit the natural world.

Started in 2014 with a dream to operate our first event; the Catamount Ultra Trail Race. In our eighth year, we are still adding new races and growing! We now operate a series of races, year round and are actively looking for great events to add to our schedule. Our events are primarily coordinated and operated by our original founder, Will Robens, with the help of a huge network of volunteers, staff, sponsors, and partners. We pride ourselves on creating unique, challenging, endurance events.  




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